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Prose: Novel

Novel is one division of small general body of literature called narrative. This includes autobiography, material from history, ordinary or extraordinary events, short story, and play. In all of these we are interested in what happens in a sequence of events. This event may work climax that is to very high degree of interest, crisis of principle social conflict or turning point in the main situation and thus have complication of plot as in the novel, “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn”.

Novel is fictive prose and it has certain length. It describes about the characters, life action in a plot. A good novel is good by virtue of more interesting, more valuable things such as characterization, plot culture or atmosphere.

Novel is a long story written in prose; because it is long, it differs from a short story in other ways too. So it can be concluded that difference between novel and short story lies in the length, the number of characters, and complexity.

  1. Plot
  2. Character and Characterization
  3. Setting
  4. Subject Matter and Theme
  5. Points of View
  6. Conflicts
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