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How to Make Menu and Sub-menu Tab

How to make menu and sub menu tab without jQuery? If you are interested in making menu and sub menu tab just like menu bar of this blog, or see demo, just do these following steps:
  • Go to your dashboard => Template => choose Edit HTML => select proceed => check expand widget templates (above right side);
  • Find this below  inside the box code (if you face difficulty in finding it just press F3 if your browser is Chrome or Ctrl+F for Firefox, and copy paste one of below codes, press enter); 

  • Copy and paste these below code right before the above code;

#cat-nav {background:#000;margin:0 1px;padding:0;height:35px;} change the 000 with any kinds of color you desire for the background color.
#cat-nav li:hover { background:#787876; } color when menu or sub menu is pointed
TITLE change with title whatever you want
#YOUR LINK# change with link whatever you want (page, posting, or label link, etc)

  • That's it, save and enjoy;

  • If you've done it correctly, it will appear menu bar like this above look in your header.
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