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How to Make 3D Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud 3D
One of widgets that can beautify your blog is Tag Cloud 3D. It makes your labels looks more beautiful with a 3D animation that can spin around. Just like, see demo.

If you're interested with this widget just do these following steps:
  • Go to your dashboard => select layout => add a gadget => select labels => check cloud=> save;
  • Go to your dashboard => select layout => add a gadget => select HTML/JavaScript;
  • Copy and paste this following script into the  HTML/JavaScript box (leave the box title blank)

hicolor: "0xce1449"        => color of text when it's pointed
tspeed: "40"                   => the speed of spinning
style='font-size: 15pt      => font size of text you want to display
wpcumuluscontent5733682", "380", "250" => the high and the wide of widget
you can change the red text as whatever you want

  • Place the script exactly below label widget
  • Save and enjoy.
  • Go to your dashboard => template => edit HTML => proceed => check expand widget templates =>  
  • Search this below code (use ctrl+f (Mozilla)/ F3 (Chrome) 
  • Copy this below code and paste exactly under the above code 

# Width = 240px
# Height = 300px
# Background = #ffffff white
# Text color = 0×333333 (gray)
# Font size = 12
  • Save and enjoy
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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your cool post. I have a problem though
    It is strange, first the widget was perfectly working, I changed the size, the color, etc and then now my Label cloud has disappeared. Any idea what could be the reason for that bug pls?




  2. Try to update you flash player,if it's still not working try to repeat the process from the beginning, if you still got the same result try to use the above alternative. I have updated the post. tq

  3. Thanks for the Tutorial. I find this very useful. Do you have live demo?.

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  4. @cover: please visit this link for the live demo

  5. hello,
    the cloud 3D does not work on my blog and in your Demo. What has happened?
    Can anything be done? thanks hello


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