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Kinds of Novel

There are six kinds of novel. They are: adventure, psychological, detective, sociological, political, and collective novels.

1 Adventure novel
An adventure novel tells about an exiting and dangerous journey. And also, it talks about experiences and is full with many events. In adventure novels, the most dominant role is man because the content of this story involves man’s problems. If women are mentioned in this novel, they are only minor characters in the story.

2 Psychological novel
This novel emphasizes on the description of the character’s psychological development. In this novel, the author gives attention to the psychological changes of the characters.

3 Detective novel
This novel tells about mysteries, secrets, and crimes. The author always tries to create a good technique by raising suspense to guess the follow up of the story in order that the readers are more interested to read it.

4 Sociological novel
Sociological novel emphasizes on the influence of social and economic condition on the characters and events.

5 Political novel
In this novel, the problems are not observed from people’s problem point of view as individual but it is observed from the group’s problem point of view in the society, and from the reaction of each group to the problem that arises and the character is just used as the proponent of plot.

6 Collective novel
This novel focuses on social problems. In this novel, there is a mix between anthropology and sociology.
The novel investigated in this study belongs to the adventure novel because it tells about exciting and dangerous journeys which are full with conflicts. Besides, the most dominant role is a man and women are only minor characters in the story.
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  1. Plz given us example for these kinds of novel

  2. I request for you to provide some examples for each type of novel.


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