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Elements of Novel:Plot

Plot is the sequence of events in a story. Plot is a series of events that leads from the beginning to the end. The events are related to the conflict or the struggle which the main character undergoes.

In the beginning of the story, the exposition, the author introduces the story’s character, setting and situation to the readers in order to enjoy the story. The narrative hook is the point at which the author catches our attention. It is beginning of the rising action of the plot. We become aware of the character’s problems, and,
from this point on, we are in suspense about what will happen next. The rising action adds complications to the problems and increases our interest in the story. The climax is the point of our highest interest and greatest emotional involvement in the story. It is the point in the story when we know for certain how the problems are going to be resolved. The falling action relates the events that are the result of the climax. The
resolution is the end of the story, in which the author gives the problems solving and turns back to the entire events that had happened.

There are two kinds of plot:
straight plot and flashback plot. In a straight plot, the event of the story is based on the sequence of time. On the other hand, in a flashback plot, the event of the story is started from present time and then backward in the past time and comes back to continue to present time.

At the end of the story, there are two plots: close plot and open plot. In a close plot, the author gives resolution at the end of the story. However, in an open plot, the author gives a chance to the reader to make resolution at the end of the story.
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