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The Last Stand

In Movie Theaters: Friday, January 18, 2013

Story Line:

After retiring from the LAPD narcotics section for careless operation that makes his partner paralyzed in which this thing makes him wracked with regret, Sheriff Ray Owens leaves Los Angeles and settles in the border area which the crime rate is relatively small, Sommerton Junction.


After a spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy, Gabriel Cortez, the most notorious, wanted drug kingpin in the hemisphere is hurtling toward the border at 200 mph in a specially outfitted car, a Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1, with a hostage and a fierce army of gang members. He is headed, it turns out, straight for Summerton Junction, where the whole of U.S. law enforcement will have their last opportunity to make a stand and intercept him before he slips across the border forever. At first reluctant to become involved, and then counted out because of the perceived ineptitude of his small town force, Owens ultimately accepts responsibility for the face off.

Directed by: Kim Jee-woon
Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . Sheriff Ray Owens 
Forest Whitaker
Luis Guzman
Johnny Knoxville
Harry Dean Stanton
Jaimie Alexander . . . Sarah Torrance 


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  1. I hope this movie was smartly made. Arnold is too old to rely on his presence anymore. I am glad to read the review which reflects movie’s correct way to use Arnold and made it entertaining. I can’t wait to see it now.

  2. ArZee..is one of my favourite actor..and I think I can't wait to see...


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