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Things to Contemplate

Things to Contemplate

When you realize how you have wasted your entire life for nothing, since all you have done just unimportant matters for you, your surrounds, and God, that will be a bright spot to start a new leaf. To fix everything you have done won't be as easy as you think, indeed, look deep down to your heart you'll see how cheeky the thing you do to him. As you look back, it just likes playing the recorder over and over, you can stop it but you can't change it. As a human, indeed, you’ll feel a sorry and that is a gift, it means that you have passed the contemplation journey to make you realize about all of it and to make you know what is wrong and what is right.

When you think everything was right and so perfect, in that point you have lost the battle. You don’t have any reason to continue your fighting anymore; you have lost even before the battle is started. Sometimes you feel that nothing else matters since you have everything you need right here, but believe me, you are wrong. Thankful is a must but never give up is more important. Although it is a pain when you feed and let your ambition takes every single conscience in every parts of your life, but surely you can’t just surrender and beg everything you desire to God without doing anything to make it real. So I can say that fight and struggle are something that become, just say, a must to do.

When you feel that a ton of problems come to stop you to light your spirit brighter, in that rate you are facing the real enemy. It is not the visible enemies that you have to worry about, but the invisible one, it always be. There always be options either let him to take control yourself or you fight to defeat him once and forever. Just like a cancer gnaws on your heart, sooner or later, it will weaken your faith and let you die at the end in remorse. Fight back, and always keep your faith guiding you. Don’t you ever think that you’re all alone, since He always opens His “arms” widely for those who walk into His path, He always there to welcome those who come near to Him. Always remember, through pain you can learn valuable thing that be able to sharpen your sense and accelerate your maturity. The more pain you get the more mature you will be.

When you feel everything is messed up, it means that your conscience is sharpened even more than before and your character is growing stronger, you have to thank for that. Do mess things is just natural. No one in this world is so perfect with no mistake, that thing makes you human. You are only human, the place of forgets and mistakes, not angle whose life is dedicated only for God. Doing mistake is not always that bad, as long as you can take a lesson from it to learn how to avoid the similar thing happens. Try to think that do mistake is just the same as gaining new experience, the more experience you got the stronger person you will be.    

When you feel so tired and disappoint, you are learning about earnestness. So tired since you have done many things and you feel that you have put your best on it but at the end it only gives you disappointments.  However, when you decide not to surrender to this bitterness, at this point you show the quality of your earnestness, the earnest of your will, spirit, and heart. Always remember this life is a test, a sustainable test that will only stop when you face your death. How strong you can cope with all the tiredness and disappointments reflects your true earnestness.   

When you feel all your hard works are not appreciated, you are learning about sincerity. Sincerity doesn’t mean giving up to the condition, but do everything you have to do with no expecting anything in return. Perhaps, it will be so wise when you learn this thing from a lover; he will give everything he has to someone who he loves without expecting anything in return but happiness of that one he loves.   So just put your best in things that you have to do, hand the result to God, He is the All Fair and All Seeing. Ignore everything that can make you down. Keep that way; it is because what you have done and are doing will determine your quality in the eyes of God and other people. Does not mean that you have to always care of other people opinions, you may simply say I don’t care what the neighbor’s thinking or I don’t care what do they know about me, but notice this, the value of yourself is reflected from what they say about you that will be the real you.
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  1. Nice post. I am a language teacher and enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Dude...I'm a language teacher too, please feel free to criticize if my Language or the content of the article doesn't come to your logic; since I'm Indonesian. I hope we can share our interest...thanks for the visit.

  3. And thanks for the add to the blogroll. I am going to add some blogs this weekend to mine and yours will be one of them.

    I will be back often!


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