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Teens' New Trend: K-Pop

Nowadays, the fever of K-pop has widen out around the world. K-pop refers to Korean pop which now becomes trend setter in many countries, especially in Asia. K-pop is a part of what is so called Hallyu, Korean wave, this term reflects the success of  pop culture of Korean globally spreads throughout the world. Generally, it triggers those many people in many countries to learn Korean language and its culture.

It is China which has big contribution in opening the door of global interest to Korean culture. In 1990 Korean series drama was broadcasted in China and soon after, it spreads out to other neighbor countries such as Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Japan, US, America Latin and Middle East.

Along with the acceptance of Korean drama by International public, Korean boy-band and girl-band also spread its wings through popularity and become new trend setter in teenager world. Their attractive dance and stylist costume become magnet to attract the teen to adopt their style, starting from their cloth, hair, to their dance.

This success, however, is not piece of cake to gain. The strong role of Korean government has significant influence to the great development of the Korean culture. This support is manifested by giving shield to filter the “attack” of the western entertainment industry in Korean domestic, by this it revives the domestic entertainment instead.

Korean government also encourages for those who want to be artists to study abroad, mainly to US and Europe, by giving scholarship. By doing this the Korean government expects that those who study abroad will be able to learn and adopt the modern art from those countries. This serious effort of Korean government nowadays has been fully paid. Now they are harvesting the seed that they sow. K-pop becomes the trend setter  through all over the world, and of course it also promotes their culture and language.

There are so many famous boy and girl bands who have accepted Internationally, such as these boy and girl bands below.

Gee 1

Gee 2

Gee 3
Ryu Shi won
Ryu Shi-won


Sistar 1
Sistar 2

Super Junior
Super Junior
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