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Sociolinguistic Handout

Among many branches of linguistic, this study is my favorite. For some, linguistic is considered as difficult course to study since it deals with something that sometimes so alien in their ears, abstract thing boring to learn, and so many terms that can drive you mad. You may say it is only wasting time to study this course. However, take a deep attention to surrounding you, first thing that you can learn about it is that almost all the parts of your life cannot be separated to what so called language, not even a tiny part of your life which is nothing to do with it.

Have you ever observed why in a same language spoken community has certain differences in using the language? for instance Javanese, the spoken community of this language almost spread widely in Java Island, however, each of them have their own style in using the language, in terms of pronunciation and diction,  how can that be? Why does in certain region the society use more than one language to communicate? why does certain community use secret language to communicate among them? why do in the different situations you have to pay attention carefully to your language that you're going to use? Or why does English become an international language which serves as a bridge to connect people from  different countries? Why English? How can it happen? Or is it possible Bahasa becomes an international language? Or can a language extinct? Or is it possible to create new languages? If you have those bunch of questions in your head, you are about to like this course, since it will answer them all.

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