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Confessions of a Sinner

Idled around watching the TV
Keeping up with each song and movie
I kept on with each latest style
Forgetting that i will be soon on trial

I had been a good singer and a good dancer
Now Answerable, but unable to answer
Even though my Lord asked me to refrain
I did all that lead me to hell fire and pain
I see those smiling faces, their results in their right hands

Why was i following actors and stupid music bands
Why did I keep non mahrems as my friends
Why did I forget the rules and follow immodest trends
Why did I do stuff forbidden in my religion

I sadly stand now in the disbeliever's legion
Ya Allah I was a muslim yet I rarely did pray
I committed indecency and I went astray
I talked and mingled with the other sex

I lied, betrayed and made my life complex
I was a hypocrite, did good for fame
Ignored your message, when to me it came
The Holy Quran, I rarely did read

To all those warnings, I took no heed
I troubled my parents in their old age
Abused and Yelled at them in my vain rage
I lived for the worlds' luxury and its vain vanity

Late did I understand that it was pure insanity
I was given chances, which i took for granted
Now I have to reap what I have planted
I am responsible for this painful aftermath

I blindly followed on Satan's wrong path
Please don't throw me into the depths of hell
With fiery flames and each horrendous smell
Boiling water and pus to quench ones thirst

The Many Punishments, each worse then the worst
Satan mislead me to each wrongful desire
And lead me closer and closer to Hell fire
I walked on as satan misguided me and grinned

Ya Allah! I beg You for mercy as I have sinned
Forgive me for my sins and for being ungrateful
Forgive me for standing in league with the unfaithful
Forgive me and Make my soul pure and beautiful

Bestow mercy on me, You are the Most Merciful
I am Your creation, Your servant of humility
You are the Lord of the worlds, The One, The Almighty


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