Everything in the universe follows certain pattern lined by God. To know the pattern once you need to discover and analyze the phenomena occurred which underlie them surround you. The task to discover the pattern or the law of nature is once we believe belongs to the researcher, therefore, the action which is aimed at finding the pattern of nature is called research, and this inflicts it from report. The term report is commonly used on the purpose of presenting the fact without discovering or analyzing process.  The reporter, the one conducting the report, only provides a detailed statement and information about an occurrence or situation.

One of the patterns of nature is the journey of the atom through void. The inclination of atom to take the shortest path in reaching the void is also reflected on the language usage. It is the nature of human characteristic that they demand something more by sacrificing few things , in the other word, human tends to use the postulate which is said ‘work less to get more’ in every aspects of their life. Related to the language usage, in all stages of language disciplines we can see that the speaker tends to utilize as less as possible to use energy to produce sounds to create words, phrases, clauses, sentences, even discourse in a conversation. Furthermore, in the stage of sound, phonology, as the encoder, the speaker tends to use as minimum as energy to produce articulation, this principle is known as “the principle of maximum ease of articulation”. The manifestation of this principle in phonology we know four terms reflected this kind of pattern, such as: 
On the other hand, as a decoder, a hearer tends to attempt to understand the message/meaning of an utterance by activating as less as possible his sense of hearing. Therefore, hearer tends to demand the speaker to give as perspicuous, brief, and orderly as possible which can ease him to grasp the message attempted to convey by the speaker. The reflection of this inclination in communication is “the principle of maximum perceptual separation.”  

Moreover, in the stage of morphology (word) we know the terms:
Syntax (sentence):
  • ·         Imperative sentence;
  • ·         Performative sentence; and
  • ·         Ellipsis sentence.
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