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Forgive me

Forgive me
By: Awin Wijaya

I thought I was the weakest
I thought I was the hopeless
I thought I was the flawless
I thought I was the greatest

See the children of violence; I feel my matters are nothing
See the moments of the past day, I feel my mind's over thinking
See the great man from the East; I feel my life has no meaning
See the magnificent surrounds, I feel myself is a small thing

For every sorrow is a lesson
For every happening is a present
For every deed has a consequence
For every living being is eminent

Forgive my complaint always flowing from my tongue
Forgive my prejudice always being there in my mind
Forgive my ignorance always coloring every performance
Forgive my arrogance always looking everything down

Malang, August 6, 2010
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