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The phenomenon of holocaust, nowadays, intensively spoken by the world, since, the president chosen of Islamic republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often loudly proclaim it. The story of holocaust has strong relation to the existence of Israeli state, in which they got a piece of land in Palestine in 1945 after War world II from majority of European Countries as the compensation of that issue. The president tried to advocate Palestine people by requestioning the truth of it. According to him holocaust is only a myth consciously spread out to justify the existence of Israeli state. If it was really happened, why should be Palestine not Germany or other European countries that has direct involvement and was responsible on it?
Moreover, the issue of holocaust is not up to date issue. More than fifty years ago it has became controversy among the historians, there were groups which agree and disagree. The first group who agree, majority from Zionist, they consider that Holocaust was really happened, they have obvious evidences to support it. For instance, they believes that the slaughtering of million Jews by Nazi was done in a gas room and that room until nowadays is still exist. According to them, they were butchered by using bio-chemical gas which has green color, and it can be found in that room. Unfortunately, the evidence once never be shown to the public. In the other side was group who disagree called revisionist. They strongly refuse and consider it as a myth, according to them holocaust is the greatest conspiracy ever done by “West” to justify the existence of Israeli state which is supposed as “the hand of West” or “the golden boy of USA” among Middle-East countries. They deny all the evidence given by Zionist by conducting some research. For instance for the gas used as the tools of butchered, hellion, they examined that that gas can not kill living creature, so how can it be used in that genocide as the tool.
In European countries, holocaust becomes some kind of belief in which there is no one who allows doubting, asking or conducting research to verify the truth of it. They are forced to believe without being given a chance to ask why; prison is waiting for those who disbelieve it. More extreme, in some countries there is a written law regulated it, usually someone who disbelieve holocaust is judged as anti-Jews and has to be jailed, they equivocate those kind of people will endanger the harmony of religion relationship.
Recently, a seminar discussed about holocaust was held in Teheran Iran, it was attended by many historians over the world interested in this issue, not only from revisionist historians but also from historians who support it. Indeed, although there is no agreement reached concerning this issue, all participants feel satisfied, because it is the first time seminar has ever been held which discuss concerning this issue. However, there was accidence, after attending this seminar; those historians have to get in touch with their state’s law, even some of them were arrested, and they were accused as anti-Jews.
Moreover, the issue of holocaust for the first time appeared after war world II. The European believes that there was a genocide done by NAZI to estimating 6.500.000 Jews in Europe especially in Germany. Adolf Hitler, the leader of NAZI known as leader who hates Jews very much. At the end of the war, for the consequences, there was an agreement signed by the leader of Germany and Zionist. Germany had to pay five thousand marks for one head; it was paid in installment started in 1965 until 2020. The European countries agreed to relocate the rest living of Jews, for this, they agreed to give a piece of land in Palestine; they reasoned that the land of ancestor of Jews was in Palestine. However, the question is, was the Palestine who live nowadays lived at the moment when million of Jews was expelled by the king of Rome, Nero? Can sin be heir? Should innocent people become the victim?
No matter whether we agree or disagree to the issue, the obvious thing is million innocent die because of this.

May God Smile Upon Us Always
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