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It seems that the term of politeness is no longer be held and noticed by the youth. This assumption arises along with the development of the youth who tend to glorify the ‘west’ culture instead of their own culture. They call the one who sustains the ‘east’ tradition with the term ‘old-fashioned’ and consider them as ‘unassociated’. This condition is indeed pathetic and apprehensive, for they are the next generation who will shoulder and determine the fate of this nation. Taking more responsibility of that issue is not only the obligation of the parents, the teachers or the government, but also the entire member of society, for they also contribute in creating this kind of condition either directly or indirectly.
It is undeniable that the role of the media has very significant influence in life. This media can both give benefit and destruction in the same time for the entire aspects of life. It can be used to educate the people or vice versa. As one of the pillars of democracy, it is expected that the existence of media is functioned as one of the controlling institutions to the government. However, in Indonesia, after reformation era had been blown, in which the media is no longer chained by the power of the new order regime, the roles of them are ideally expected to have a bigger proportion to educate the people in all aspects of life, they fail to do the task. Although, they have opened the people’ eyes, changed the people’ point of view, and matured their way of thinking in seeing ‘the truth of power’, it must be appreciated indeed, in many other aspects, they also give very devastating influences, especially concerning the way of life of the people.
The people learn the information and tend to imitate behaviors and actions presented by the broadcasting programs consciously or unconsciously. In addition, the entering of the unfiltered information and programs broadcasted by the media, in this case is television, will definitely cause the culture shift among the people, especially for the youth who still in searching their true identity. It is unwise to say that all things come from the ‘west’ are not good, for in fact, many useful information and knowledge we can obtain from there. However, the core of the problem is the incongruousness of values among those two sides world, the ‘west’ tend to magnify what so called liberalism, in which they inclinate to rightfully elevate their logic instead of the heart, in which it is in contrast with the value of the ‘east’. If this inclination spreads and infects the youth, that will be a doom for our nation.
And now the question is how to anticipate or minimize it? Previously, it is stated that the responsibility of that issue is not only in the government’s hand, but also in all the citizen of the nation. All the member of the society must indeed give contribution to control and filter the entering culture that may be give bad influence to the character building of the youth. We can no longer stand with our ignorance; together we guard the blossom of these flowers.
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